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Biohealth Energy Systems Ltd Electro Acuscope® & Myopulse® -alternating current microcurrent instruments 

How Body Voltage Dictates Health and Disease Dr. Mercola article/interview with Dr. Tennant

Senergy Medical Group® US World-wide distributor

Professional Resources Senergy Medical Group® US 

Tennant Institute for Integrative Medicine Dr Tennant's integrative healthcare practice in Dallas Texas 

Healing is Voltage and Treating Eye Diseases -  Dr. Jerry Tennant (Kindle edition eBook) on Amazon

Nutritional products formulated by Dr. Tennant Can be purchased through Senergy Medical Group

Healing is Voltage - Acupuncture Muscle Batteries - An Atlas Available on Amazon

Healing is Voltage - Cancers On/Off switches - Polarity Available on Amazon

Healing is Voltage - The HandbookAcupuncture Muscle BatteriesCancer's On/Off Switches - Polarity

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