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Voltage therapy has helped me with sleep and my neck pain. The Biomodulator/Biotransducer have been a game changer in my life with everything I have attempted to treat and use it for...I'm very grateful for it!
Posted By: April Ollen - Vernon BC
I wanted to follow up with you on the many successes I have had in my practice while incorporating the Tennant biomodulator. The Biomodulator, coupled with my acupuncture treatments, has provided instantaneous relief for clients experiencing various types of pain (ie. in the sciatic, hip and leg regions). I have used it to identify low energy points or points or low voltage and treated those areas for approximately 5 minutes or until the voltage was raised to -50 millivolts. I often found that the areas of pain were associated with higher levels of acidity and in turn low voltage. After targeting the painful sites with the Biomodulator and using acupuncture in distal points, recovery time was accelerated by at least 50% compared to using acupuncture on its own. In most cases 1 treatment was enough to stop the pain. It is too soon to generalize how long this effect will last, but with healthy lifestyle maintenance, I am hopeful the effects will be long lasting. Other positive results were seen with respect to digestive issues as well. With gratitude for all your support Lily Harb, R.Ac, St. Catharines, Ontario
Posted By: Lily Harb
I struggled for years with what was discovered to be mercury amalgam poisoning. I began a pro-active detox program in October 2018.
After a year I still could not recover my absent vitality and grew frustrated. Thanks to a heavenly blessing I discovered a video by Dr. Tennant.  Although I had not worked in over a year, I purchased the Biomodulator and within a week my energy has returned...
Posted By: John Kirk, BC
I have been using the Tennant approach to diagnosis and treatment of chronic conditions for months now having attended the Introductory and Master Class offered by Dr. Tennant. The books authored by Dr. Tennant have also been instructive.

The past Master Class also afforded the opportunity to treat patients with Dr. Tennant at his office.

Over 25 years ago, I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture. Exposure to his training has complemented my training in Anesthesia, Pain Management, Functional Medicine, Homeopathy and Ozone Therapies. Fundamental to all is the necessity of energy to create a truly healing environment.

Daily, I find using the Biomodulator and Biotransducer to have expanded my treatments, enhanced patient outcomes and renewed my interest in the usefulness of TCM theory and microcurrent therapy.
Posted By: Dr. Robert Banner, MD, CCFP, FCFP, FRCP, London On
I have been using theTennant Biomodulator for 6 months and it has become a valuable part of my diagnostic and therapy programs. It has been a great advantage for me to be able to precisely measure a Bioterminal voltages which provides me a clear picture of the energetic circles that are out of the normal voltage range, that could be the root cause of poor health.

Local measurements, like scars, are also very important in order to be able to reduce some of visible blockages. I like to do spine measurements – vertebra by vertebra with the small electrode which can easly detect subluxated vertebra. My chiropractor is delighted with Biomodulator diagnostic as well as therapeutic possibilities. A diagnosis and immediate treatment of the Bowling Ball syndrom is one of the procedures that amazes me the most with immediate positive results that are visible.

It is also important to mention the professional after sales support support from Biohealth and Senergy Medical Group. Whenever I had questions on how to use the device or I wanted addional educational materials, it was provided in a timely manner. So thank you Dr. Tennant for develpoing such a valuable pain/health management device and thank you Bob for selling it to me!

Dr. Darko Mardjetko, Center for Holistic Medicine, Zadar , Croatia.
Posted By: Dr. Darko Mardjetko
The Tennant Biomodulator has been a tremendous addition to my chiropractic practice providing a diverse range of benefits and purposes. It is a very effective portable device that has facilitated the healing of stubborn chronic injuries that patients believed would never resolve after trying different therapies. It has also physically changed the appearance of a number of my patients by realigning them structurally. It is easy to use and gives vital feedback regarding your health and treatment progress. I particularly find it useful for helping to balance the autonomic nervous system which is so important in this day and age. With regular use, the alignment of the spine and skull are also improved. I highly recommend the Biomodulator to anyone interested in optimizing their health. I personally use it every day to maximize my own health.
Posted By: Dr. James Hicks DC. Toronto, On
I am pleased with the speed and effectiveness of the treatments that the Biomodulator provides. Clients are leaving my office, in most cases, pain free. The results are lasting for days and when the pain returns it is much less. I have been able to discharge clients in just a few treatments as they are feeling great. I love the bowling ball treatment technique done on the neck to reset the sphenoid bone and the instant re-alignment that is achieved for both the head and pelvis. I use the “sticky method” of treating pain frequently because clients can feel the dragging effect working which helps reinforce the need for treatment, especially when treating an area different (the cause) than where they are reporting their symptoms. The Tennant Biomodulator® is light and portable so I carry it with me all the time.
Posted By: Leanne Giavedoni RPT, Ontario
I am thrilled to tell you that, so far I have had great success with the Tennant Biomodulator®. I have no more pain in back, neck or shoulder pain which I've had for a very long time even though I have been receiving chiropractic, massage therapy as well as physiotherapy. My lung issue seems to be clearing up significantly, as well as the cough. I would highly recommend the Biomodulator to anyone who has aches or pains or an illness as our entire body is electric, and voltage is the key to putting some “healing energy" back where it needs to be for complete healing. I would also like to thank you for your prompt responses to my questions and backup information you provided. I look forward to continued friendship and business with you in the future. Thanks again Bob for all you do
Posted By: K A. Brantford Ontario
I have been using the Tennant Biomodulator® for about 4 months and have been very pleased with the results. I was amazed with the improvements that I have seen by using a treatment technique to correct the "Bowling Ball Syndrome" recommended by Dr. Jerry Tennant, who developed this device.

I didn’t understand the significance of this until I saw it for myself. This simple procedure (to correct the alignment of the sphenoid bone in the skull) consists of holding the Biomodulator® on each side of the neck for a minute or so and then moving the head, then shoulders, then hips from side to side to help the spine to re-adjust. After doing this on myself, I noticed that I was standing differently in my shoes as my weight had shifted. I also somehow felt looser.

I was quite surprised when a client, whose shoulders were misaligned with one several inches above the other, exclaimed in delight as we heard a “clunk-clunk-clunk” in her spine when she moved her hips doing the exercises after using the Biomodulator®. Immediately, her shoulders were level. She remarked the next day that she had slept so well and hadn’t felt so good in a long time. The Bowling Ball correction was the only thing that had been done. I have had the same results with several other clients with misaligned shoulders as well.

The Tennant Biomodulator® really helped when it was applied to a painful sprained ankle which had been slow in healing. After one application, it was significantly better. Pain was greatly lessened and healing improved after treating a severe toe injury. One client remarked how much the Biomodulator helped her pain and the healing of a gum infection when it was applied to the overlying area of her cheek.

I have found it useful to apply the Tennant Biomodulator® to trigger points for muscular and skeletal issues. As a homeopath, I also give homeopathic remedies to assist the body in its effort to heal. The Biomodulator® and homeopathy work very well together.

Thank you Dr. Tennant for such a wonderful instrument of healing! Thank you Bob, for bringing the Tennant Biomodulator® into Canada!
Posted By: D. Fuller, D. Hom. (UK) British Columbia

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